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Posted by Christine Powers on 9/15/2020

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Buying a luxury home is about more than just finding the right mortgage. Whether you are buying or selling, you should know that there are some key differences in the way that high end luxury homes are sold. Discovering the differences in the way that the luxury home market operates can ensure that you get the best possible outcome from your purchase. If you want to enjoy the lasting comfort and benefits of living in an amazing high end home and still get the best possible deal, here's what you need to know: 

Seasons don't matter: Conventional home sales follow specific seasonal trends, but according to, the high end market is not as impacted by the time of year that a home is listed. This is often because home buyers who are tied to a more conventional price range are also tied to trends -- they want to buy and move in summer, while school is out, need to work around regular jobs and don't have another home to retreat to for the holidays or vacations so that deals can be worked out. Luxury home sellers can afford to list a home and wait for the right buyer, so there is often no influx of homes at specific times or seasons. 

More staging, more perks: Luxury homes simply show better than their conventional counterparts, thanks in large part to the staging and design included in the listing process. For buyers, this means a chance to see the home fully furnished and in immaculate shape. For sellers, this means better selling prices and in many cases a faster turnaround time. Expect to spend more time per home, for more personalized experiences when you shop around -- looking at 10 conventional homes in a weekend is likely possible, but you may only get to 2-3 luxury homes, since you'll spend more time touring and more time checking out all the home has to offer. 

Fewer contingencies: In some markets, contingencies are not always acceptable anyway, but no matter where a luxury home is located, offers that are tied to contingencies may not be as appealing as those that come without strings attached. Sellers can usually afford to wait for the right offer, and have no reason to compromise or put a deal at risk, while buyers may be prepared to purchase or finance the home without having to add contingencies to offers. 

Discovering how luxury home sales differ from conventional ones can help you make the most of the process and come away with the results you truly want. You'll know what to expect, set aside the right amount of time and avoid common errors as you explore this rapidly growing but still exclusive marketplace. 

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Posted by Christine Powers on 12/20/2016

In real estate marketing, as in most things in life, you only have once chance to make a great first impression. Before you put your home on the market, it is imperative that you do everything possible to update and improve your home’s curb appeal to ensure a stellar first impression. A messy yard or peeling paint is a “turn-off” that may prevent a potential buyer from recognizing the positive features of your property. A great many homebuyers will drive by a property for sale and if it is not visually appealing from the outside, may never step foot inside. Ask Your Realtor For Advice It 's hard to look at your home objectively. Ask your realtor for advice on how to make your property marketable. Your realtor will likely offer the following suggestions. Get Rid Of The Clutter Remove clutter from the yard, store extra vehicles, trailers or sporting equipment off-site and take down the broken and bent basketball hoop over the garage door. Fixing up your home for sale does not have to be expensive. Perhaps all you need is a bit of fresh paint on the trim, a few flowers around the entrance, and the leaves raked. Make sure there is a working bulb in the porch light, and the kid’s toys are picked up in the backyard. Clean And Clean Some More Clean is crucial. If the sidewalk needs sweeping and the windows are covered with dust and dirt, it is hard for the personality of your home to shine through. If your entrance is inviting, homebuyers are intrigued with the interior where your home’s comfort and charming décor will have an opportunity to win their attention and affection. Make sure carpets are fresh and clean, all surfaces shining and windows sparkling. De-Personalize The Property Take down the “cute” name plaque by the front door and remove the “pink flamingos” from the lawn. Before you put a “for sale” sign up in the front yard, you will want to depersonalize your property by packing up and storing family photos, books, awards, and sports memorabilia. It is difficult for a potential buyer too visualize the home as his or her own, if your personal “stuff” is stashed about the property. Do not store a bunch of boxes in the attic or garage. That will just make those spaces look smaller and cluttered. As you pack up your things to move, store them away from the home in a storage facility. What’s That Smell? When we live in a house, we often become accustomed to odors that others may notice and are too polite too mention. Make sure the cat’s litter box is always fresh and changed daily. Wash pet bedding, use an air deodorizer to remove unpleasant smells and open windows to let in plenty of fresh air. Start Packing If your cupboards are crammed and your closets overflowing, start packing up seasonal clothing and items you are presently not using and put them in the storage facility. Not only will your storage spaces look less cluttered, but you will also have made a good “jump start” on your packing project.

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